Cancer Physicians

Doctors at the Houston Methodist Cancer Center represent numerous specialties in cancer diagnosis and treatment. Learn more about our Cancer Center clinical membership.

Medical Oncology
Jenny C. Chang, MD
Chair, Department of Oncology
Fadi I. Abu-Shahin, MD
Maen Abdelrahim, MD PhD
Kelty R. Baker, MD
Anna Belcheva, MD
Garth Beinart, MD
Eric Bernicker, MD
Bushra Cheema, MD
Ping Sun Chu, MD PhD
Jorge Darcourt, MD
Cesar De Las Casas, MD
Kirk Heyne, MD
Jitesh Joshi, MD
Daniel E. Lehane, MD
Asha Murthy, MD
Sindhu Nair, MD
Polly Niravath, MD
Tejal A. Patel, MD
Hector A. Preti, MD
Priya V. Ramshesh, MD
Alison Rome, MD
Monisha Singh, MD
Annie R. Su, MD
Alexander Wong, MD
Jun Zhang, MD

Breast Surgery
Barbara Lee Bass, MD FACS
Chair, Department of Surgery
Candy Arentz, MD FACS
Esther Dubrovsky, MD
Sherry Lim, MD
Sandra Templeton, MD
Liza O. Thalheimer, MD

Thoracic Surgery
Edward Y. Chan, MD

Ray Chihara, MD PhD
Min P. Kim, MD
Shawn Tittle, MD

Neurosurgery & Neuro-Oncology
Gavin W. Britz, MD FAANS
Chair, Department of Neurosurgery
Glenn Anderson, MD
David S. Baskin, MD FACS
Robert Rostomily, MD
Ivo Tremont, MD

Cardiovascular Surgery
Michael J. Reardon, MD

General Surgery
Nestor F. Esnaola, MD FACS
Division Chief, Surgical Oncology
Ashley Holder, MD
Gilchrist L. Jackson, MD FACS
Rafael Lugo, MD
Timothy Oppermann, MD FACS
Michael Yaakovian, MD
Feibi Zheng, MD

A. Osama Gaber, MD
Director, Houston Methodist J.C. Walter Jr. Transplant Center
R. Mark Ghobrial, MD
Helen E. Heslop, MD

Kenneth W. Altman, MD
Donald T. Donovan, MD
Nelson Eddie Liou, MD
Nadia Mohyuddin, MD
Robert B. Parke, MD
Vlad C. Sandulache, MD

Pathology & Genomic Medicine
James A. Musser, MD PhD
Chair, Department of Pathology & Genomic Medicine
Rose Anton, MD
David W. Bernard, MD PhD
Michael Deavers, MD
Seema Mullick, MD
Jae Ro, MD
Mary Schwartz, MD


Houston Methodist Cancer Center Membership

Our membership process identifies and supports the community of clinicians and researchers dedicated to and actively involved in the Houston Methodist Cancer Center. 

Benefits of membership include:

  • Listed as a Member, Houston Methodist Cancer Center in the Houston Methodist Physician Referral database.
  • Featured as a Member, Houston Methodist Cancer Center on the physician's web profile on the Houston Methodist website. 
  • Invited to participate in Houston Methodist Cancer Center focused marketing activities.
  • Access to Houston Methodist Cancer Center marketing materials to use in accordance with the Houston Methodist Brand Guide. 


Membership criteria must be met within 12 months from initial application. After the inaugural year, criteria requirements will be reviewed every two years. Houston Methodist Cancer Center members will be required to submit supporting documents of membership criteria bi-annually. Click here to access the membership application.

Please direct any questions about membership to Bianca Limbrick-Kinsey at