EpicCare Link

When it comes to your patients’ care, the complete story is just a few clicks away with Houston Methodist EpicCare Link.

Houston Methodist EpicCare Link is a secure, online tool connecting physicians and clinical teams to Houston Methodist resources and patient information in one electronic health record.

Houston Methodist EpicCare Link is for:
  • Houston Methodist Physicians' Alliance for Quality-affiliated physicians 
  • Houston Methodist private medical staff and associated office staff
  • Houston Methodist referring physicians
  • Community-based care partners, including nursing homes, dialysis centers and long-term care facilities

Houston Methodist EpicCare Link provides view-only access to your Houston Methodist patients’ health records, including lab results, diagnostic test results, hospitalization records, procedural information, discharge instructions, progress notes, medication, allergies and medical histories. 

With Houston Methodist EpicCare Link, you can:
  • Place outpatient labs, imaging, and referrals for your patients
  • Maintain continuity of patient care with your Houston Methodist patients
  • View your patient’s Houston Methodist Epic medical records, including hospitalizations, emergency visits and specialist referrals
  • Access face sheet and demographic information as well as inpatient and/or hospital lists and surgeon daily schedules
  • Review real-time clinical data, including radiology and procedure reports, hospital discharge summaries, current medication lists, patient demographics and coverage data