Lung Cancer Screening & Detection

Not Sure if You Qualify for Screening?

Houston Methodist offers lung cancer screening for early diagnosis so high-risk patients can get the treatments they need as quickly as possible. This is important, since the earlier lung cancer is diagnosed, the easier it is to treat.


For those who qualify for screening, our program has the following benefits:

  • Advanced imaging technology, including low-dose computed tomography (LDCT)
  • Help determining insurance coverage and/or payment options
  • Health care consultations about your results
  • A program dedicated to helping smokers quit the habit
  • Referral to Houston Methodist lung specialists


In addition, we offer lung cancer screening at nine locations across Greater Houston, allowing you or your loved one to receive care close to home or work.


Getting a lung cancer screening is important, now more than ever. That's why we are taking every necessary precaution to see patients safely. 

Find out if you qualify for screening.


Lung Cancer Screening Criteria


Infographic about Lung Cancer Screening Guidelines


Lung screening LDCT scan results range from showing no disease to being suspicious for cancer. However, most suspicious nodules turn out not to be cancer.


A positive screening LDCT may require further testing to determine whether the suspicious finding is a lung cancer, which often is confirmed by a biopsy.


The American College of Radiology awards special recognition to facilities for quality standards and performance through the Designated Lung Cancer Screening Center™ program. Houston Methodist lung cancer screening locations in Baytown, Texas Medical Center and West Houston hold this designation.

Lung cancer screenings are offered at the following convenient Houston Methodist locations: