Cancer Detection and Prevention

Early detection is one of the most powerful weapons we have against cancer. Effective screening plays a valuable role and can dramatically increase the chance of finding some cancers at a point when treatment options can be effective and the outcome is positive.


Cancer Prevention and Screenings

Cancer prevention starts with living a healthy lifestyle by exercising daily, consuming a healthy diet, and maintaining a healthy weight. Screening is not possible or practical for all cancers, but for those that can be detected with screening, it can be lifesaving. If certain cancers run in your family, or if you have certain other risk factors, your doctor may recommend screenings on a regular basis.


At Houston Methodist, our patients have access to some of the most advanced technology available to screen for various types of cancer:



High-Risk Program

Our innovative high-risk program provides comprehensive services and counseling for those at higher-than-average risk of developing breast, gastrointestinal, uterine and ovarian cancer.