Brachytherapy Low Dose
Rate (LDR)

Brachytherapy low-dose rate (LDR) involves the implant or insertion of a radioactive source or sources in or around the tumor site. These procedures are generally performed in the hospital, with a one- or two-day stay. The implant may be temporarily or permanently inserted, depending on the type of cancer. In some cases this can shorten treatment time, delivering concentrated doses to the tumor while minimizing exposure to healthy tissue.


At Houston Methodist, we use LDR brachytherapy for treatment of prostate cancer, gynecological cancers, eye cancers and various other tumors. LDR brachytherapy can also be used in conjunction with external-beam therapy.


Collaboration within the Department of Radiation Oncology and with other institutions results in scientific research that translates into the outstanding clinical care we provide. In addition, our standard of care is routinely assessed and updated to ensure that we always offer the most effective services for our patients.

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