Head & Neck Cancer Treatment & Surgery

Houston Methodist offers the latest options in head and neck cancer care, including minimally invasive procedures and targeted therapies. Our goal is to provide effective treatments and preserve function.


We deliver the most advanced therapies available to ensure you receive the best possible outcome. Our radiation oncologists have expertise in state-of-the-art therapies designed to to precisely target your tumor and limit radiation exposure. More than 20 years ago, Houston Methodist revolutionized head and neck cancer treatment by becoming the first health care provider worldwide to offer intensity-modulated radiation therapy (IMRT) to more precisely pinpoint tumors.


Houston Methodist Cancer Center’s renowned surgical oncologists and reconstructive surgeons specialize in minimally invasive robotic procedures, leaving patients with less pain and fewer complications. 


Reconstructive surgeons develop plans to reconstruct areas of the head and neck affected by cancer to improve function and structure.


Additionally, our radiation oncologists are working with engineers and other experts to find ways to deliver more precisely targeted and powerful therapies to eliminate tumors and save disease-free tissue.


Treatment & Surgery

  • Surgery
    • Transoral endoscopic surgery – removal of a laryngeal or pharyngeal tumor using an endoscope
    • Neck dissection – removal of entire lymph node groups from the neck
    • Glossectomy – removal of all or part of the tongue
    • Laryngectomy – removal of a portion of the voice box (larynx) or total voice box removal
    • Total laryngopharyngectomy – removal of the voice box and pharynx (upper throat)
    • Mandibulectomy – removal of part or all of the mandible (jawbone)
    • Parotidectomy – removal of part or all of the parotid gland on one side of the face
    • Pharyngectomy – removal of part of the pharynx (throat)
    • Submandibular gland resection – removal of a submandibular salivary gland beneath the lower jaw
    • Transoral robotic surgery – robotic surgery to remove tumors of the oropharynx, or the portion of the throat at the back of the mouth
    • Reconstructive surgery
  • Radiation therapy
    • Brachytherapy
    • Intensity-modulated radiation therapy (IMRT)
    • Image-guided radiation therapy (IGRT)
  • Chemotherapy
  • Immunotherapy
  • Targeted Therapy
  • Radioactive iodine therapy – used to destroy thyroid tissue or treat types of thyroid cancer that have spread to lymph nodes and other parts of the body

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