Cancer Treatment

Houston Methodist’s medical, surgical and radiation oncologists are committed to providing the latest and most advanced cancer treatments available.


We offer cancer care at seven locations across the Greater Houston area, allowing you or your loved one to receive treatment close to home or work.

Cancer Treatment Options We Offer

Depending on your specific type of cancer and its stage, your medical oncologist, in collaboration with the rest of your care team, may recommend one or more of the following therapies:


Cancer Surgery

If cancer is in only one area and can be taken out, your care team may recommend surgical removal. Surgery as a treatment is often combined with radiation therapy, chemotherapy or other methods to treat the cancer systemically.


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Cancer Reconstructive Surgery

If cancer or its treatment affects the form or function of the body, our experts perform cancer reconstructive surgery to restore the parts of your body affected by it.


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Chemotherapy uses powerful drugs to shrink or kill cancer cells.


Depending on the location and stage of your cancer, chemotherapy can be delivered one of several ways:

  • Intravenous (IV) infusion
  • Orally
  • Directly to the site of the cancer, such as with hyperthermic (heated) intraoperative peritoneal chemotherapy (HIPEC) used for abdominal cancers


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Radiation Therapy

Radiation therapy uses high-energy rays to kill cancer cells in a specific area and can be delivered externally via several methods as well as internally. Radiation treatment is often combined with chemotherapy.


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Immunotherapy uses drugs that help your immune system recognize cancer cells and strengthen its response to destroy them.


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Targeted Therapy

Targeted therapy treats cancer using drugs or other substances that are designed to specifically target cancer cells — sparing healthy tissue. These drugs typically treat cancer by blocking the growth and spread of it. Targeted therapy can be used by itself or in combination with other cancer treatments, such as surgery, chemotherapy or radiation therapy. It can be used to treat many different kinds of cancer.

Bone Marrow Transplant

A bone marrow transplant is used to restore healthy stem cells within the bone marrow after a very high dose of chemotherapy or radiation has been used to kill a blood cancer.


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Hormone Therapy

Hormone therapy is used to treat cancers that only grow in the presence of certain hormones — such as certain types of breast cancer and prostate cancer — by depriving the cells of the hormones they need to survive.


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