Genetic Counseling

Houston Methodist’s genetic counselors work with patients and their families who may be at higher risk of developing hereditary cancers such as breast, colon, ovarian and uterine cancers during their lifetimes. We collaborate with primary care, ob-gyn and other doctors who refer patients for genetic testing, which may provide information that could affect your health care management.

Our counselors:
  • Review the medical histories of you and your family
  • Assess your risk of developing cancer
  • Recommend genetic testing options
  • Discuss patient concerns
  • Develop plans for you and your family members, including:
    • Increased surveillance screenings
    • Risk-reducing surgeries and medications
    • Lifestyle changes

We provide you with a full risk assessment and may offer genetic testing based on those evaluations. We also may recommend strategies to monitor your health if you test negative for genes linked to hereditary cancers.

Our experts work together to create a personalized plan and will consult, support and empower you. Additionally, our counselors offer support to patients as they inform family members of possible genetic risk.