Research Cores

Core Research Facilities
To support the unique technological needs inherent to conducting translational research, Houston Methodist has built more than 20 core facilities that provide our investigators and external researchers access to exceptional scientific technology. Whether an investigator is in the initial phase of discovery or is developing, testing or validating a new drug or device, the Research Institute has a core facility ready to assist in every step with technical expertise and state-of-the-art equipment. Our members also have access to core facilities at Weill Cornell Medical College, New York, NY.

Houston Methodist Research Institute uses iLab, an online system designed to streamline the process of ordering and billing for core service requests. Facility users are required to use the iLab system to initiate service requests. The iLab system will enable you to place service requests, provide required approvals and monitor the progress of the process. The instructions  given below will explain how to register for an iLab account.
Learn more about the services offered at our core facilities in the Cores at a Glance brochure.

How to Register for an iLab Account
The iLab system requires a one-time registration. Once you are registered, the system will enable you to place service requests, provide required approvals and monitor progress.

Registering for an iLab Account

  1. Complete the registration form on the sign-up page .
  2. Receive a welcome email from iLab (typically within one business day) with login credentials. 

Requesting Access to the Core

  1. Once you have received your login credentials, navigate to the sign-in page and login  .
  2. You will be taken to your homepage. On the left-hand side, under Core Facilities, click the name of the core you would like to access.
  3. Add an additional note or just click the Send access request button.
  4. You will then be notified once the core manager has given you access to use the core.

Creating a Service Request

  1. Click the (iLab) link next to the core you wish to access.
  2. Click the Request Services tab and click on the Request Service button next to the service of interest. Work through the request.
  3. You will be asked to complete a form and provide payment information for your request before submitting the request to the core. NOTE: If you are an internal user and you do not have access to any funds, please contact your PI and/or Department Administrators and Financial Managers so they can assign you the correct MARS charge numbers.
  4. Your request will be pending review by the core. The core will add charges and submit it back to you for approval. Make sure to watch for an email from iLab regarding your updated project.

More detailed instructions are available in the customer manual. For any questions not addressed in the manual, contact the Houston Methodist IT Help Desk before contacting