Research Education

Our goal is to help develop educational and research partnerships locally, nationally and internationally and to generate medical innovation that can be translated into clinical practice. This is accomplished via the exchange of students and postdoctoral researchers, through faculty reciprocity agreements and in joint research programs.




Educational Programs

At Houston Methodist, fostering innovations with the potential for clinical application is at the very heart of what we do. Trainees are an integral part of this mission, and we have education opportunities for researchers at every stage of their career, including undergraduates, graduate students and postdoctoral fellows.

Postdoctoral Research Program

Houston Methodist provides a unique environment for postdoctoral researchers on career paths to leadership in translational medicine. Our postdoctoral researchers work with multidisciplinary teams to identify clinically relevant challenges, and develop research projects that translate into technological advances in the clinic.

Graduate Programs & Partnerships

Houston Methodist has partnered with national and international universities to provide graduate students with a wide array of opportunities, including the Texas A&M EnMed and MD/PhD programs, the Weill Cornell PBSB program and many more.

Masters in Clinical Translation Management

In coordination with the University of St. Thomas, this program seeks to bridge the gap between science and business and to support biomedical entrepreneurship. The specific skills attained can be applied to a diverse, rapidly growing global market.

Summer Internship Programs

Whether aspiring to a career path in clinical practice, translational research, or both, the Houston Methodist Academic Institute hosts a variety of summer internship programs designed to give undergraduate and high school students the most rewarding exposure to the foundations of biomedical sciences.