Houston Methodist’s research faculty labs work to rapidly translate discoveries made in laboratories and clinics into new diagnostics, therapies and treatments. Cancer, heart and vascular conditions, radiology, immunobiology, infectious diseases, molecular medicine, nanomedicine, neurosciences, health care performance, regenerative medicine, and transplantation are among the research areas our labs are focusing on today. Below is a list of our laboratories with links provided for additional information on the work they are undertaking. 

Appel Lab
Baskin Lab
Blanco Lab
Britz Lab 
Chevez-Barrios Lab
Cooke Lab
Contreras-Vidal Lab
Dulay Lab
Filgueira Lab
Graviss Lab
Grossman Lab
Godin (Vilentchouk) Lab
Gupta Lab
Hamilton Lab
Hegde Lab
Helekar Lab
Horner Lab
Karmonik Lab
Kleiman Lab
Krencik Lab
Li Lab
Masdeu Lab 
Mitra Lab
Musser Lab 
Olsen Lab
Pownall Lab
Qin Lab
Rosales Lab
Rosenfield Lab
Rostomily Lab
Sayenko Lab
Shen Lab
Simpson Lab
Taraballi Lab
Valderrábano Lab
Villapol Lab
Weng Lab
Xia Lab
Yokoi Lab
Yun Lab
Ziemys Lab
Zu Lab