Mammogram Screening & Breast Exams


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At Houston Methodist Breast Care Centers, our specialists review your mammogram history and track results over time — detecting changes earlier. That’s why scheduling your mammogram starting at age 40 — or younger, if you have a family history — is so important.


Our Breast Care Centers offer:

  • Advanced 3D technology to detect the smallest lumps and abnormalities with accuracy.
  • Board-certified radiologists with the expertise required for early cancer detection.
  • Continuity of care to track your health history over time for early detection.
  • Acceptance of most major insurance plans.

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Types of Mammography and Imaging

We perform screening and diagnostic mammograms depending on a patient’s medical history and breast symptoms.

  • 3D mammograms (breast tomosynthesis) – highly efficient and accurate digital technology used to identify smaller tumors sooner for earlier breast cancer detection
  • Breast magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) – an extremely sensitive test to look for breast cancer indicators using magnetic fields to view the body. It also may be used for breast cancer treatment planning and performing an MRI biopsy
  • Molecular breast imaging (MBI) – a technique used to identify tumors in dense breasts
  • Breast ultrasounds – imaging that can determine if a lump or mass is filled with fluid