Houston Methodist Center for Weight Loss & Bariatric Surgery

Weight Loss Surgery


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For patients with a body mass index (BMI) between 35 and 40 and a life-threatening comorbidity (diabetes, high blood pressure, heart problems, sleep apnea or reflux disease) or a BMI greater than 40 (calculate your BMI):

  • Surgical weight-loss options
  • Pre and postsurgery programs
  • National recognition from the Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery Accreditation and Quality Improvement Program
  • Major insurance providers accepted

Weight Loss Programs


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For patients who are ready to lose weight but need help getting started, we offer two weight loss programs:

  • A moderate weight-loss program that teaches healthy eating habits, lifestyle changes and increased physical activity.
  • A medically monitored program that teaches you to achieve and maintain a healthier weight and offers long-term accountability, personal support and education.

Medical Nutrition Therapy


One-on-one appointments with a registered dietitian, who will answer your questions and meet your individual nutritional needs. Doctor referral is required.

Diabetes Education


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Recognized by the American Diabetes Association, our programs focus on personalized treatment plans for patients with diabetes so they can manage their disease and improve their health:

  • Group and individual education
  • Type 1, type 2, gestational diabetes and prediabetes

Discover a weight loss program designed just for you

The specialists at Houston Methodist Center for Weight Loss & Bariatric Surgery are dedicated to supporting patients on their path to a healthier life. Learn more about our customizable weight loss options designed to meet each individual’s unique needs and goals. 

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