Weight Loss Programs


Houston Methodist Center for Weight Loss & Bariatric Surgery, staffed by dietitians, an exercise physiologist and mental health professionals, can help you safely jump-start your weight loss while providing you tools to maintain it. 

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You can choose one of two paths best aligned with your weight-loss goals:

Medical Weight Management

The Houston Methodist Medical Weight Management program is a three-phase weight-loss plan that begins with a medically supervised, very low-calorie diet and progresses to a personalized meal plan to help you maintain your weight loss.


Program features include:

  • Physician supervision, with weekly check-ins and monthly lab monitoring
  • Two- to five-pound weight loss per week
  • Very low-calorie liquid meal plan
  • Weekly check-ins and lifestyle modification classes led by dietitians and mental health and exercise professionals



The Houston Methodist StepLITEā„  program is a moderate weight-loss program that can help you improve your health and direct you toward long-term weight-loss success with self-monitoring tools, education and physical activity.


Program features include:

  • Weight loss up to two pounds a week
  • Check-ins and weekly classes led by dietitians and mental health and exercise professionals
  • Low-calorie meal plans and meal replacements