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Your health care journey begins with primary care.

At Houston Methodist Primary Care Group, your well-being is at the center of all we do. From annual checkups and treating minor injuries to more complex care and managing chronic conditions, our team of family medicine and internal medicine physicians are bringing quality, expert care to your community.


With locations throughout Greater Houston, we deliver preventive, acute and chronic care when and where you need it — whether it’s in your neighborhood or close to work. 

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The Value of Primary Care

One of the easiest — and most important — steps you can take to jump start your health care journey is choosing a primary care physician (PCP), who may be a family medicine or internal medicine specialist.


PCPs are often the main points of contact for managing your overall health and are a crucial member of your health care team. 

Prevent before you treat

A Houston Methodist Primary Care Group provider who knows your health history, your habits, and your personality can more easily recognize signs of a potential change in your health.

Identify medical concerns and manage conditions

According to the National Center for Chronic Disease Prevention and Health Promotion, six in 10 adults in the United States have at least one chronic disease, which is the nation’s current leading cause of death and disability. Many of these conditions, including certain types of cancer, heart disease and emphysema, are completely treatable and often preventable. Early detection can be the difference in the success of treatment.

Personalized care

Establishing care with a primary care doctor allows patients to foster a relationship with a health care provider with whom they build trust over time. Having a meaningful and trusting doctor-patient relationship helps doctors provide individualized care – the best primary care for you and for your loved ones.

Coordinated care

With an established PCP relationship, your physician has an in-depth knowledge of your overall health; therefore, your doctor will be able to consider the entirety of your health history in order to make the most appropriate treatment plan and/or referrals.

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