Houston Methodist Cancer Center at Clear Lake

We Help Guide You in Your Cancer Battle — From Diagnosis Through Survivorship.

Our compassionate and supportive team at Houston Methodist Cancer Center at Clear Lake offers high quality services — screenings, diagnostics, genetic testing, advanced technology, clinical trials and patient support — in the Greater Bay Area.

Our experts, including breast radiologists, oncologists and surgeons, routinely collaborate to ensure patients receive the best possible care near their homes. Dedicated rehabilitation and nutritional specialists, as well as our patient navigator, will accompany you through survivorship, ensuring you and your family receive the care, support and resources you need.

We offer the latest chemotherapy treatments and targeted radiation therapies. Our doctors have access to cancer high-risk programs designed to help patients prevent the disease with nutrition, education, genetic counseling and disease surveillance.

Additionally, we are committed to cancer prevention by offering community screenings and educational events.

Cancers Treated at Houston Methodist Cancer Center at Clear Lake:

Head & Neck
Vulvar and Vaginal Cancer

See a complete list of cancers treated at all of our hospitals.

We offer a wide variety of treatment options including surgery, systemic therapies, and innovative radiation therapies. Unlike other cancer centers, we perform advanced surgery procedures in Clear Lake, so you do not have to travel far for the most comprehensive care.


Oncology Nurse Navigator
Your oncology nurse navigator is available to enhance your care by guiding you through the cancer care process from diagnosis through survivorship. 

Cassandra Green MSN, RN OCN — Clear Lake

Cassandra is a clinical nurse with 5 years nursing experience and certified in Oncology. She graduated with her BSN and MSN from Western Governors University. She has spent her entire nursing career in Radiation Oncology, where she served many different cancer types. She is a member of the Oncology Nursing Society local chapter and served on the board. She is active in the community by assisting with events and educating groups about cancer. She has served on the oncology nurse testing advisory board. Cassandra enjoys building relationships with patient and their families and empowering them through education.


Diagnosis & Treatment Options

Diagnosis and Treatment

We are dedicated to offering the most advanced cancer treatments available. We believe in a proactive and preventive approach that includes understanding risk factors and engaging in proper screening. If we do find cancer, we are here to guide you through every step of your journey. 

Clinical Trials

Clinical Trials

Our approach to cancer research revolves around a team of physicians, research scientists, staff and pharmacists. Qualified patients can participate in clinical trials that include access to novel medications and options unavailable outside of the research setting.