Nursing Education

Houston Methodist’s Department of Nursing  offers a multitude of opportunities for professional growth and development for student nurses, graduate nurses and seasoned nurses.
The Houston Methodist Advancement into Professional Practice (MAPP) program enables baccalaureate student hands-on training while working directly with lead registered nurses. MAPP students gain valuable experience that they will be able to take the next level upon their graduation. Houston Methodist graduate nurses participate in our nurse residency program, which also includes the only Texas Medical Center University HealthSystem Consortium (UHC) Nurse Residency Program. The internship is geared toward further developing clinical skills, while the residency side of the program works on leadership and professional growth.
Experienced nurses also have the opportunity to continue their education through a variety of programs, including internships, leadership seminars, continuing education classes and a number of additional learning opportunities:


No matter what your experience level is as a nurse, Houston Methodist is committed to working with you to enhance your career and continue your professional growth. We are leaders in nursing, we are leading medicine.