Student Nurse Practitioner Program

Houston Methodist is pleased to be able to provide select clinical placements for advance practice nursing students. We hope the following information serves to improve your registration process and help you begin your journey into nursing at Houston Methodist.

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Selection Process
Due to the large number of clinical placement requests for advance practice nursing students and the limited number of available spaces, Houston Methodist has developed a formal application process for clinical placement requests. Students interested in attending clinical at Houston Methodist must complete the nurse practitioner student clinical placement form. This document should be completed and emailed to

Application deadlines are listed below. Any request made outside of this process will not be considered. A letter of acceptance will be emailed to the applicant by the response deadline.

Semester — Application Deadline
Summer — April 30th
Fall — July 15th
Spring — November 13th

Our School Affiliations
  • Texas Women's University
  • University of Texas Medical Branch
  • University of Texas SON Health Science Center Houston
  • Prairie View A&M University
  • Texas Tech University

We are servicing a large number of students in our area nursing schools and are not currently pursuing new affiliations.

Before each clinical semester begins, it is required that all nurse practitioner students attend student hospital orientation. Please note that students cannot begin their clinical assignment until orientation is completed and the student has received a Houston Methodist badge. The hospital orientation class will be scheduled at the beginning of each semester. Students who have been accepted will be notified of the time, date and location.

Student Documentation
All students sent to Houston Methodist for clinical are required to show documentation that supports compliance with HIPAA training, BLS and immunizations. Use the Texas Medical Center Standard Verification of General Orientation to Clinical Experiences Student Form to provide this documentation.

Please note that it is the responsibility of the school of nursing to ensure that the students and faculty attending clinical at Houston Methodist are current with the required documentation. Failure to do so may result in a delay of the clinical experience.

Computer Training and Access
The majority of our patient documentation is completed electronically. Students must sign the "Confidentiality and Information Security Agreement" as well as show a general understanding of HIPAA compliance in order to receive access to the online documentation system. Computer-based CDs are available to pick-up one week prior to the first clinical day. Below you will find a description of the process:

  1. A minimum of one week prior to the first clinical day, a complete list of students attending the clinical should be sent to Please be sure to include the students' middle initials.
  2. The list of names, along with the schools they are attending, will be sent to our Information Technology department so that user IDs and passwords can be created.
  3. Computer-based CDs for computer training should be picked up one week prior to the first clinical day and distributed to the students. The students should complete the training exercise along with the practice test at the end prior to hospital orientation.
  4. At orientation, the students should return the CD issued to them. At this time, they will receive their log-in IDs and passwords for computer access. Students will not receive computer access until after they return the CD.

Please note that the CD only provides training on the general navigation of the system.

Student Badges for Student Nurses
Houston Methodist Hospital requires a Houston Methodist student badge for all students that rotate through the hospital. On the day of Hospital Orientation for the clinical group, the students will be escorted to the Badge and Transportation Office to have their picture taken and receive their Houston Methodist student badge.