Hormone Therapy for Cancer

Experts at Houston Methodist use hormone therapy to treat specific types of cancer that can only grow in the presence of certain hormones, such as some breast cancers and prostate cancer.


This cancer treatment works by depriving the cancer cells of the hormones they need to survive. It is achieved by either using drugs that stop the production of certain hormones or, in some cases, removing hormone-producing organs, such as the ovaries or testes.


We offer cancer care at seven locations across the Greater Houston area, allowing you or your loved one to receive treatment close to home or work.

Access to Cutting-Edge Clinical Trials Close to Home

Our physicians support numerous cancer-specific clinical trials, meaning you may have access to new and potentially promising treatments that aren't available elsewhere.

If hormone therapy is part of your cancer treatment plan, your doctor will help you understand what the treatment involves and what to watch for afterward. For instance, side effects of hormone therapy include: 

  • Weight gain
  • Hot flashes
  • Nausea
  • Infertility


Women may also experience irregular or absent periods and vaginal dryness, while men may experience loss of sexual desire, breast growth or tenderness and impotence.