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The Department of Radiation Oncology at Houston Methodist offers leading-edge, personalized treatments and technology based on a foundation of research and evidence-based cancer care. Our clinicians and faculty offer the most advanced external beam radiation and brachytherapy options and combine immunotherapy approaches with radiation and systemic therapies to maximize the immunogenic potential of radiation treatment.

Houston Methodist has always been a leader in radiation oncology — researching and providing the latest technologies to reduce treatment side effects — and was the first health care provider worldwide to offer intensity-modulated radiation therapy (IMRT) to more precisely pinpoint tumors. Our team works with the latest generation of linear accelerators, and all other front-line, cancer-targeting radiation therapies.

Our Team

Houston Methodist’s radiation oncologists have extensive knowledge of the entire process of radiation therapy, from the diagnosis and biology of cancer to the technological aspects of treatment. Our specialists are qualified to treat a range of tumor sites and work with engineers and multidisciplinary experts to deliver more precisely targeted and powerful therapies to eliminate tumors and save disease-free tissue. Our team also includes skilled and dedicated nursing, therapy, dosimetry, clerical and research staff.

The radiation oncologists and researchers at Houston Methodist are highly visible nationally and internationally and are active in the World Conference of Brachytherapy, the American College of Radiology, the American Society for Radiation Oncology and the Texas Radiological Society.


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Our Research

At Houston Methodist, our dedicated teams of world-renowned researchers conduct translational research and support numerous cancer-specific clinical trial protocols for brain, breast, liver, lung, prostate and many other forms of cancer. Our team also operates one of the largest brachytherapy programs in the country, and a growing Gamma Knife® program.

Our researchers run multiple ongoing clinical trials for bladder cancer preservation and kidney cancer and have recently completed immunotherapy-based breast trials and lung trials with the STOMP trials as part of the Cancer Center Collaborative group. Houston Methodist also conducted one of the largest trials in the country delivering in-situ gene therapy with radiation, is developing novel nano delivery devices, and has a novel interactive multidimensional lab called Plato’s CAVE (Computer Augmented Virtual Environment). 

Personalized Radiation Therapy for Glioblastoma
This review describes the advancements in specific radiation techniques used to improve the therapeutic ratio for management of glioblastoma.
Focal Versus Whole Gland Salvage Brachytherapy
Study reports results from analyzing whole gland and partial gland BT salvage to help guide treatment recommendations for recurrent prostate cancer.
Stereotactic Body Radiotherapy for Renal Cancer
Higher biologically equivalent dose may be associated with improved overall survival. Prospective investigation is needed to define optimal dose.
Direct to Tumor Immunotherapy Delivery Device
Our researchers developed a small device that places the immunological agent directly within the tumor itself.

Education & Training

We are dedicated to specialty training and medical leadership. Our standard of care is routinely assessed and updated so that the most effective services are implemented at Houston Methodist, making us a leader in the field of radiation oncology. Our team mentors students from Texas A&M and works closely with the MITIESM training system, using cadaveric-based training models.

As one of the most advanced and active brachytherapy programs in the country, Houston Methodist offers one of only a handful of American Brachytherapy Society-designated training sites and welcomes trainees from all over the U.S. Our department is also a designated training site for UTMB Radiation Oncology. Students spend one year of their four-year program here.
300 in 10 Brachytherapy Fellowship
These two-month rotations will be offered for prostate and gynecologic cancer using either LDR and/or HDR brachytherapy.


Image Visualization Technologies
Our program teaches recognition and management of the neurologic conditions general medical practitioners often encounter.
Medical Physics Residency
This two-year program is a CAMPEP accredited residency program in radiation oncology medical physics.
For Patients

For Patients

Houston Methodist’s radiation oncology experts use cutting-edge techniques and technology to prevent, diagnose, manage and treat the full range of cancerous conditions.

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