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Houston Methodist Willowbrook Cancer Center

You are not alone in your battle against cancer. We will be right next to you in your fight to survive.

Our physicians and staff at Houston Methodist Cancer Center at Willowbrook are committed to treating cancer in a collaborative and compassionate environment. We use the most advanced technology and medications to offer customized therapies, which are developed through our team’s expertise, pioneering research and clinical trials. Our services include cancer prevention and screenings, consultations, second opinions, genetic testing, high-risk counseling and treatment planning.

Our nationally recognized specialists work together to develop individualized treatment plans to fight your cancer and help you recover both physically and emotionally in a center that’s close to your home.

Houston Methodist Willowbrook Hospital treats the following types of cancer:

Brain  Lung
Breast  Ovarian
Cervical  Pancreatic
Colorectal  Prostate
Esophageal    Skin
Eye  Stomach
Kidney  Testicular
Leukemia/Lymphoma                       Thyroid
Liver  Uterine

We offer a wide variety of treatment options including surgery, systemic therapies, and innovative radiation therapies

Diagnosis & Treatment Options
Diagnosis and Treatment

Houston Methodist Cancer Center at Willowbrook is committed to offering the most advanced cancer treatments available. We believe in a proactive and preventive approach to cancer that includes understanding your risk factors and engaging in proper screening. If we do find cancer, we are here to guide you through every step of your journey. Learn more.

Clinical Trials
Clinical Trials

Our approach to cancer research revolves around a team of physicians, research scientists, staff and pharmacists. By offering access to clinical trials in the community, we have extended our reach for our patients. Qualified patients can participate in clinical trials that include access to novel medications and options unavailable outside of the research setting. Learn more.

Leading Cancer Care in Northwest Houston

Houston Methodist Cancer Center at Willowbrook offers patients compassionate, quality care with:

  • Nurse-led patient navigation 
  • Ongoing support groups 
  • Genetic testing 
  • High-risk detection program 
  • Nutritional counseling 
  • An introductory program for patients: "Starting Your Journey"

Learn more about our patient support programs. 

Houston Methodist Cancer Center at Willowbrook
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