Radiation Therapy

At Houston Methodist, we offer every patient cutting-edge treatments and technology that are based on a foundation of research and evidence-based care. Our nationally renowned physicians and dedicated staff provide radiation therapy services in a spiritual and caring environment.


Personalized Treatment
We believe medical treatment should include not only the very best in clinical technologies and techniques, but also genuine care and compassion for your particular condition. We take a multidisciplinary approach to your unique situation, creating individualized treatment plans designed to provide the best results.


Patient Centered Focus
Radiation therapy can be just one part of a series of therapies in your treatment plan, so we focus on delivering the most effective treatments while minimizing potential side effects. Helping you recover faster and stay stronger throughout treatment gives you the best outcome possible. 


Leading Technologies for Our Patients
The latest technologies enable us to deliver powerful cancer treatments with pinpoint accuracy and precision. Learn more about radiation oncology technologies.


The Department of Radiation Oncology offers a variety of cutting-edge radiation oncology treatment options, including intensity-modulated radiation therapy (IMRT). Houston Methodist was the first in the nation to provide IMRT, which delivers a high dose of radiation while restricting exposure to surrounding healthy tissues. Patients receiving IMRT experience fewer side effects and experience a quicker recovery. We continue to develop advanced treatments and technologies to better screen, diagnose and treat cancers in order to reduce complications and improve survival rates.

Collaboration within Houston Methodist Cancer Center and with other institutions results in scientific research that is translated to our outstanding clinical care. In addition, our standard of care is routinely assessed and updated to ensure we continue to offer the most effective services for our patients.