Texas A&M MD/PhD Program – Houston Campus

Houston Methodist and Texas A&M Health Science Center have partnered to collaborate on innovative research and medical education. Students pursuing an MD/PhD degree have the opportunity to enroll in medical and graduate science classes at Texas A&M Institute for Biosciences and Technology (IBT) in Houston and complete three to four years of doctoral thesis work with a faculty mentor at Houston Methodist Research Institute.

Students have the opportunity to experience translational and interdisciplinary research and education, while also taking advantage of the state-of-the-art facilities and services available at the research institute. This program boasts a number of unparalleled opportunities:

  • Access to a global research collaboration network of multidisciplinary faculty who are experts in the translational research space
  • Exposure to translational research strategies and infrastructure that move medical research from concept to cure
  • Opportunities to attend seminars and didactic programs offered by Houston Methodist Research Institute in clinical and translational research
  • Access to the Texas Medical Center, which is the largest medical center in the world, with 7.2 million yearly patient visits and 171,000 annual surgeries

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Program Mentors

Cardiovascular Sciences
John Cooke, MD, PhD*
Francisco Altamirano, PhD
Kristopher Brannan, PhD
Longhou Fang, PhD
Daniel Kiss, PhD
Nhat-Tu Le, PhD
Roderic Pettigrew, MD, PhD
Guangyu Wang , PhD
Keith Youker, PhD

Immunobiology & Inflammation
Jin Wang, PhD

Philip Horner, PhD
Sonia Villapol, PhD

Kyuson Yun, PhD


Andrew Hu, PhD
Chih-Hang Anthony Tang, PhD
Jenny Chang, MD

Pathology & Genomic Medicine
Randy Olsen, MD, PhD*

Radiation Oncology
Muralidhar Hegde, PhD

Diego Martin, MD, PhD, FRCPC

Systems Medicine & Bioinformatics
Stephen Wong, PhD

*Currently has Texas A&M student in their lab