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Houston Methodist Institute for Technology, Innovation & Education

MITIESM is an innovative virtual hospital and hands-on clinical training facility for health care professionals seeking to maintain excellent procedural skills and acquire new proficiencies.


We aim to improve patient safety through these educational pursuits and to conduct research on skills acquisition and technological development.

Shaping The Next Generation
Learn more about the MITIE-hosted DeBakey Heart & Vascular Center boot camp which helped fellows and faculty establish a foundation of success
Simulation Center Tour
You can now explore all three floors of the Sim Center at MITIE, virtually. The first facility of its kind, MITIE now encompasses 35,000 square feet of research and training space.
World Class Resources
MITIE has become a center for innovative ideas and technological advances that offers an extensive array of resources for training, research and device development.

Function and Purpose

The MITIE research and training spaces are housed under one roof. This enables the logical, progressive development of collaborative research and training efforts. The learning process begins with the development of new technology or procedural techniques by scientists and physicians working in the research core of MITIE. These advances evolve through the use of a simulated patient care environment. Once the efficacy of a technology or procedure is proven, it can be disseminated to practicing physicians in the MITIE training area and MedPresence room.


Square Feet of Research and Training Space


Learners in 2023

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