Employee Resource Groups (ERGs)

Employee Resource Groups (ERG) are employee-created and led, voluntary groups that join together based on common interests, backgrounds or demographics to help create a diverse and inclusive workplace.

These groups provide safe, neutral spaces for employees at all levels to share common interests, discuss issues or challenges, offer developmental opportunities, and to brainstorm strategies and solutions that will support diversity and inclusion goals. Any employee may join a group they identify with or would like to learn more about and support.


Contact the Diversity, Equity & Inclusion office by emailing Nazia Imrose at nimrose2@houstonmethodist.org if you have any questions or you are interested in starting an ERG.

For more information on our current ERGs, please click below.

ERG Special Presentations

Second Annual ERG Symposium

Held on November 1, 2023 in the HMRI's Bookout Auditorium, the symposium brought together representatives of Houston Methodist's 10 ERGs, who provided information and resources, as well the "Leading the Charge" panel discussion with ERG leadership. Click HERE to watch a video from the event.