Patient Stories

Perhaps the best way to learn about our highly trained cancer specialists, the compassionate environment and innovative cancer treatments is through our patients. View their inspiring stories below to learn more about their experience of being a patient at Houston Methodist:

Michelle Ayala — Breast Cancer Survivor

Michelle’s patient navigator gave her the relief and support she needed to walk through every step of the process following breast cancer diagnosis. She says she has no regrets about any decisions she made, and her early diagnosis prevented the need for chemotherapy. Michelle says getting a timely mammogram made all the difference for her.

Lynnsey Tirey — Ovarian Cancer Survivor

Lynnsey’s normal, healthy life was upended by a fast-growing, leaking ovarian cyst that was later identified as cancer. She started six months of chemotherapy the day after her 32nd birthday. Lynnsey says her doctor and his staff, as well as her infusion nurses, became part of her family. She believes her doctor saved her life.

Kristine Lindsey — Survivor of a Rare Malignant Molar Pregnancy

Kristine’s blood work indicated she was pregnant, but instead, doctors discovered a noncancerous tumor had developed in her uterus — what’s known as a molar pregnancy. She says she has become close with her doctor and his nurse, as well as her infusion nurses, who provided her with the support she needed during treatment. Today, Kristine is working, camping and hiking, and says she is stronger than she thought possible.

David Hammerle — Tonsil Cancer Survivor

David’s devotion to developing and following work processes helped him stay on top of everything he needed to do to fight his throat cancer. He also maintained unwavering positivity by wearing a different Hawaiian shirt to each of his 35 chemotherapy treatments — and gratefulness for his doctors and their expertise. He looks forward to his follow-up appointments because they continue to reveal he’s healthy and disease-free.

Michael Trejo — Tongue Cancer Survivor

Michael’s doctors had been keeping an eye on a suspicious spot discovered in his mouth while his wisdom teeth were being removed — years before his official cancer diagnosis. Despite that monitoring, Michael still was shocked after a biopsy revealed he had developed mouth cancer. He credits his radiation oncologist and other specialists with helping him cope with his emotions during treatment and is hopeful for the future with his wife and six daughters.