Kidney Cancer

Kidney cancer is one of the 10 most common cancers in both men and women, with more than 65,000 new cases each year. Unfortunately, the rate of people developing kidney cancer has been rising steadily since the late 1990s.
What is Kidney Cancer?
Cancer is the result of mutations that cause otherwise normal cells to grow at an abnormal rate. A buildup of extra cells can result in the formation of kidney tumors, which can be malignant (cancerous).
These malignant cells have the potential to leave the kidney and spread throughout the body (metastasis). The most common type of kidney cancer in adults is renal cell carcinoma. The most common type of kidney cancer in children is called Wilms’ tumor (also known as nephroblastoma).

How Can Houston Methodist Help?
At Houston Methodist Cancer Center, we are dedicated to providing proactive screening for kidney cancer to our patients, as well as offering leading-edge diagnosis and treatment options.
Our continued commitment to research enables us to improve present and future cancer care. Learn about our current cancer-related clinical trials.