Patient Assistance

Houston Methodist Cancer Center offers a number of assistance programs to help you and your family through every aspect of the cancer experience. Contact the resources below or your healthcare team to get the help and support you need.

Patient Navigators
Our patient navigators are here to enhance your care by providing a seamless navigation process from diagnosis to survivorship. We understand you may need help getting the care and support you need, so our navigators are available to answer questions about your treatment options, coordinate your care and direct you to local resources and additional support.

Social Workers
Our social workers are here to help you cope with the emotional and social needs that may arise during your hospital stay. They can provide individual and family counseling, assistance with the transition home, referrals to community resources, education on various topics and help navigating the medical system.


Case Manager
Your case manager will make sure that you have everything you need after you leave the hospital, which can include referrals to home health agencies, medical equipment companies, skilled nursing facilities, rehabilitation facilities, long-term acute care facilities and hospice care. They can also help with health care coverage, health insurance and the community resources that are available to you.

Houston Methodist Spiritual Care and Education is committed to inclusive spiritual care for you, your family and Houston Methodist staff delivered with compassion and respect for human dignity.


Caregiver Resources
The Houston Methodist Social Services team is here to connect our patients’ caregivers with the resources they need for home health care, hospice care and other services. For more information, talk to your social worker or healthcare team.


Financial Assistance and Drug Reimbursement
Houston Methodist’s financial assistance programs are designed to ease the financial strain that can accompany your course of treatment. Our financial specialists can help manage accounts, resolve problems and sometimes cover specific treatment costs.  Thanks to Houston Methodist’s collaboration with pharmaceutical companies and nonprofit organizations and foundations, medication and other types of health care assistance may be covered depending on your eligibility.  

For questions about the program and your eligibility, email or call 713.441.7134.


Financial Services Resources
Houston Methodist case managers can assist you and your family with general financial services and questions, including the following:


  • Insurance questions
  • Social Security information
  • Supplemental Security Income (SSI) and Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI)
  • Medicare and Medicaid filings
  • The Houston Methodist financial assistance program
  • Financial planning


Palliative Care Services
We focus on assessing your symptoms and providing aggressive symptom management to ensure the best possible quality of life and relief from suffering during late-stage cancer. Learn more about Houston Methodist palliative care services