Triple Negative Breast Cancer Clinic

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The Triple Negative Breast Cancer Clinic at Houston Methodist Dr. Mary and Ron Neal Cancer Center cares for patients diagnosed with or facing recurrence of triple negative breast cancer, a less common but more aggressive and life-threatening form of the disease.

Why Choose Our Triple Negative Breast Cancer Clinic

Our expert team of oncologists, plastic surgeons, nurses, genetic counselors and nutritionists guides patients through:

  • Cancer surveillance
  • Consultations and treatment options
  • Clinical trial enrollment
  • Genetic testing and follow-up
  • Family planning counseling

Experts representing a multitude of medical specialties routinely collaborate to ensure each patient receives the best possible care. This partnership draws on each team member’s expertise to help you fight your cancer in a compassionate, caring and supportive environment. In select, advanced cases, we also analyze tumors to identify the best treatment options.

Our physician-scientists have decades of experience diagnosing and treating triple negative breast cancer, as well advancing research to identify disease-causing genetic mutations and to develop new therapies, including immunotherapy.

We offer personalized care plans based on each patient’s disease and circumstances. Our staff strives to help patients select the most effective and appropriate treatments, therapies or clinical trials.
Houston Methodist Triple Negative Breast Cancer Clinic
Houston Methodist Outpatient Center
6445 Main St., 21st Floor
Houston, TX 77030