Triple Negative Breast

Cancer Clinic

The Houston Methodist Cancer Center has developed the Triple Negative Breast Cancer Clinic, which is designed to integrate all the care for women with triple negative breast cancer. The services offered are tailored to each individual according to the genetics of the breast tumor.

Located in the Texas Medical Center, the clinic offers a multi-disciplinary medical approach with surgery, radiation oncology, medical oncology, radiology and psychosocial support. The clinic is also an educational resource for patients to learn more about the disease as well as the latest in research and clinical trials. The clinic offers a one-of-a-kind computer simulation enabling patients to visualize the disease and to assist the medical team in planning the course of treatment together in consultation with the patient.

To schedule an appointment at the Triple Negative Breast Cancer Clinic, call 713.441.8622.

Houston Methodist Triple Negative Breast Cancer Clinic
Houston Methodist Outpatient Center
6445 Main St., 21st Floor
Houston, TX 77030
713.441.TNBC (8622)