Center for Cell & Gene Therapy

Houston Methodist Hospital is dedicated to exploring the origins of disease, developing novel therapeutic treatments, and applying them in clinical practice for the benefit of adults and children.

Houston Methodist Hospital, in conjunction with Baylor College of Medicine and Texas Children's Hospital, have established the Center for Cell and Gene Therapy (CAGT) to provide the infrastructure of research, manufacturing and clinical care needed to develop and apply innovative and cost-effective cellular and genetic treatment options. The mission of the Center is to: 

  • To facilitate and support collaboration among experts in all areas of human disease so that cellular and genetic therapies may be used as safely and as rapidly as possible.
  • To ensure that cell and gene therapy patients have continued access to the latest and most effective cellular and genetic treatments available.

Our comprehensive approach brings a wide variety of scientists and clinicians together to develop strategies for the treatment of cancer, HIV and cardiovascular disease. Our facility includes a variety of high-tech features:

  • An adult unit designed specifically for the specialized care of immune-compromised patients, including the use of an advanced air filtration system
  • Pediatric and adult bone marrow and stem cell transplant units, in collaboration with leading institutions
  • A family care setting in the Adult Stem Cell Transplant unit, which includes an activity center, computer business center and entertainment/dining area

In addition to adult and pediatric clinical units, the center contains laboratory space to support a wide array of basic and translational research. Areas of scientific collaboration with leading institutions include:

  • Identification of genes and cells involved in disease initiation and progression
  • Development of models for the study, design and mass production of vectors, which deliver cells to their targets in the body
  • Bone marrow and stem cell transplant research
  • Development of products to improve immune reconstitution after bone marrow and stem cell transplantation
  • Development of safe, efficient and standardized methods for preparing patient and donor specimens for use in transplantation and cell and gene therapy
  • Flow cytometry core laboratories featuring technology that sorts and analyzes cells, resulting in increased diagnostic capabilities and more targeted treatments

It is a top priority at Houston Methodist to make potentially life-saving treatments available to patients as soon as possible. 

Learn more about how cell and gene therapy works, side effects and what to expect after treatment. 

Center for Cell & Gene Therapy

Houston Methodist Hospital

Paula and Joseph C. "Rusty" Walter III Tower

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