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Claudication is pain or cramping in your legs or feet caused by the impaired blood flow that can accompany peripheral artery disease (PAD). This discomfort typically occurs during exercise and subsides while resting or standing evenly on both feet.


Not only can claudication affect your ability to exercise or even walk, it can be a warning sign that you have an increased risk of heart attack and stroke.


Several factors increase your likelihood of claudication: 


Our Approach to Treating Claudication

The symptoms of claudication are caused by PAD, and heart and vascular specialists at Houston Methodist are experts at diagnosing this condition and restoring blood flow.


In some cases, PAD can be treated with heart-healthy lifestyle changes and medications. For more severe narrowing or blockage in arteries, our vascular surgeons offer the latest surgical procedures needed to restore blood flow, including minimally invasive options whenever possible.


For instance, our vascular surgeons are experts at angioplasty and stenting, a catheter-based procedure in which a balloon is used to widen the narrowed artery and a stent is placed to keep the artery open.


Effectively treating PAD often relieves the symptoms of claudication.


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