Heart & Vascular Research

Houston Methodist’s Debakey Heart & Vascular Center and Department of Cardiovascular Sciences are accelerating life-saving heart and vascular therapy and technology discoveries and delivering them to our patients quickly. In the spirit of Dr. Michael E. DeBakey, we continue to advance cardiology and cardiothoracic and vascular surgery and invite you to explore our heart and vascular research.


Clinical Research 

DeBakey Heart & Vascular Center physicians and researchers partner to develop treatments for rare and complex diseases, including cardiac sarcomas and other tumors and advanced heart failure.


Our physicians, as principal investigators on several national and international clinical trials, have been at the forefront of many recent innovations to better treat conditions such as atrial fibrillation or perform procedures, including transcatheter aortic valve replacement. Learn more. 


Pre-clinical Research

Our researchers are experts in cardiovascular and stem cell biology, genetic engineering and lipid metabolism. They are discovering new insights into:

  • Cardiac and vascular repair mechanisms
  • Applied platelet physiology
  • Heart failure immunomodulatory therapies
  • Adult stem cells for peripheral and coronary artery diseases
  • Therapeutic transdifferentiation
Additionally, they are tapping into regenerative medicine and harnessing the body’s ability to heal itself. Learn more.
Kostas Annual Meeting

The George and Angelina Kostas Research Center for Cardiovascular Nanomedicine Annual International Meeting will be held Nov. 13, 2019. Learn more>


Houston Methodist Hospital is leading the way in the new expanded indication trial for the CoreValve® Evolut® R System, a minimally invasive treatment for aortic stenosis patients with failing aortic heart valves. Learn more >

3-D printing for tumor visualization


Michael Reardon, MD, uses 3-D printing technology to better visualize and recreate tumors before performing cardiac tumor surgery. Learn more >

CoreValve Pivotal High Risk Trial Results 


Results from the Medtronic CoreValve U.S. Pivotal High Risk Trial were published by Reardon et al., in the Journal of the American College of Cardiology. Learn more >

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