Limb Ischemia

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 Limb ischemia occurs if blood flow to a limb suddenly decreases, typically as a result of blood clots caused by peripheral artery disease (PAD). It’s also commonly referred to as hardening of the arteries, and it most commonly affects the legs and feet.


Limb ischemia is a serious condition that must be treated immediately. Left untreated, the affected limb may need to be to amputated.


The most common symptoms of limb ischemia include:

  • Pain or numbness in the feet or toes
  • Open sores or skin infections
  • Ulcers that will not heal
  • Gangrene, or dry, black skin on the legs or feet


Our Approach to Treating Limb Ischemia

To ensure preservation of the affected limb, prompt treatment of limb ischemia is critical.


Our heart and vascular specialists are experts in the nonsurgical and surgical procedures needed to restore blood flow as quickly and effectively as possible, including:

  • Angioplasty and stenting – catheter-based procedure that uses a balloon to open a blocked artery and places a stent to keep it open
  • Atherectomy – procedure used to remove plaque using either laser, directional or orbital technology
  • Bypass surgery – open surgical procedure used to reroute blood flow around the diseased artery

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