Minimally Invasive Cardiac Surgery (MICS)

Our Approach to Treatment

Houston Methodist cardiovascular surgeon, Mahesh Ramchandani, MD, began performing minimally invasive cardiac procedures almost a decade ago as an alternative to traditional open-chest surgery. Since then, he has become an expert in the field and established Houston Methodist as a U.S. destination for minimally invasive cardiac surgery.

Our patients often travel to Houston for minimally invasive coronary bypass surgery and aortic and mitral valve procedures, which reduce pain and allow for faster recoveries and shorter hospital stays than open surgery. Older patients who are not open surgery candidates also may benefit from minimally invasive procedures.

Ramchandani has performed hundreds of coronary bypass surgeries and aortic and mitral valve procedures.

Houston Methodist’s dedication to minimally invasive cardiac surgery includes recruitment of a second cardiovascular surgeon, Ross Reul, MD, to offer aortic and mitral valve open-surgery alternatives to more patients. We also have specialized equipment and experienced intensivists and nurses to care for our patients after surgery.

Our team of experts, well known among their national and international peers for treating the spectrum of cardiovascular conditions, evaluate each patient’s condition and assess benefits and risks to determine the best treatment option available. 

Our commitment to minimally invasive cardiac surgery led the International Society for Minimally Invasive Cardiothoracic Surgery to partner with us and hold its annual summit at Houston Methodist, where surgeons get hands-on experience from renowned cardiovascular surgeons.
Heart surgeons operate through small incisions in your chest as an alternative to open surgery, which requires surgeons to split the breastbone (sternotomy). 

Conditions Treated
Coronary artery disease
Valve stenosis or insufficiency
Aortic and mitral valve disease

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