Heart Attack

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A heart attack occurs when arteries delivering oxygenated blood to your heart become blocked. If blood flow is not quickly restored, the result is heart damage. Heart attacks occur most often due to coronary artery disease.


In some cases, heart attack symptoms, such as chest pain, are sudden and intense. In other cases, symptoms appear days or weeks before the heart attack occurs. There are also a number of factors that raise your risk of having a heart attack.

Our Approach to Heart Attack Diagnosis and Treatment

Heart specialists at Houston Methodist combine the most advanced cardiac imaging technology available with extensive experience in the measures, medications and surgical procedures needed to treat a heart attack.


In addition, we don’t just diagnose and treat heart attacks — we help prevent your likelihood of having one, too.


Our preventive cardiologists can help you:

  • Understand the personal medical factors and/or lifestyle behaviors that may increase your risk of heart attack
  • Assess the condition of your arteries
  • Establish a plan to manage and minimize your risk factors

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