Houston Methodist offers local nonprofit agencies an opportunity to receive support on health initiatives positively impacting the community. Typical event requests include luncheons, galas, walk/runs, golf tournaments, conferences and more.

If your organization is inquiring about Houston Methodist sponsorship, please complete our online request form.

  1. Houston Methodist gives high priority to requests that are in support of advancing the overall health and wellness of the community. 
  2. Houston Methodist will not consider requests in support of an individual's participation in a fundraising event or activity. 
  3. Your request must be submitted at a minimum of 60 days in advance of the decision deadline. 

  1. Sponsorship requests not submitted through the online form will not be considered. Please do not email your request to a Houston Methodist employee directly. 
  2. Requests that are received less than 60 days in advance of the deadline for making a decision risk being excluded from consideration.    
  3. Because we receive a large volume of sponsorship requests, please allow a minimum of six weeks for a decision to be made. You will be notified via email of the decision. 
  4. Please note: Houston Methodist is not able to fulfill every request we receive, even if the request meets our criteria.