Research Activities
  • Support clinical trials by serving as a study coordinator, database manager, data analyst, and quality assurance specialist
  • Serve as lead investigator on at least one independent project and manage all aspects of the study including design, execution, analysis, presentation at medical conferences, and publication
  • Support development of grant applications and clinical trial protocols under the supervision of the fellowship director

Academic Activities
  • Attend lectures in the Clinical Research Education Series sponsored by the Houston Methodist Research Institute
  • Acquire and strengthen knowledge and skills in epidemiology and biostatistics through structured learning activities
  • Support a University of Houston Doctor of Philosophy course on Practical Training in Hospital Clinical Research that is co-coordinated by the fellowship director and taught in fall and spring semesters
  • Co-precept Drug Information rotations for residents and students

  • Support Pharmacy Research Committee initiatives, including peer-review of internal project proposals and providing re-search support to pharmacy investigators
  • Provide analytical support for the Department of Pharmacy’s ongoing medication safety or operational pharmacy reporting needs
  • Provide weekend and holiday on-call coverage for active studies

Elective Activities
  • Elective experiences can be customized for the career goal and interests of the fellow(s)


  • Detection, prevention, and treatment of medication-related organ damage (specifically brain and kidneys)
  • Detection, prevention, and treatment of medication-related harm for surgical, critically ill, and elderly patients
  • Use of pharmacovigilance to support ongoing clinical pharmacy initiatives
  • Expansion of clinical pharmacy services
  • Optimizing healthcare delivery by improving efficiency, reducing waste, and minimizing costs
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