Kande Fogle

Mother of two, Kande Fogle, prides herself on eating nutritiously and getting plenty of exercise, so she was shocked when in the fall of 2008 she was diagnosed with cholangiocarcinoma, a rare bile duct cancer.

The Katy, Texas resident underwent liver resection surgery, along with radiation and chemotherapy treatment; however, it soon became apparent that Kande would need a liver transplant — and a miracle — to survive this disease.

She was devastated to learn that patients with this type of cancer do not qualify for transplantation. But in spring 2010, Kande received two pieces of inspirational news – her cancer was in remission and her physicians at Houston Methodist would reconsider her for transplantation.

Young daughters Audrey and Addison became increasingly worried about their mom when her cancer returned and she had to undergo more rounds of experimental chemotherapy. Addison began to pray nightly, "God I hope Mommy gets a liver transplant." On October 24th, 2011, Addison's prayers were answered. "[Houston] Methodist called and said they had a perfect, pink liver for me," recalled an emotional Kande. "I couldn't even wait five minutes for someone to come get me — I jumped in my car and flew to the hospital!"

Kande recently celebrated her one-year anniversary of being cancer-free. She is now an active volunteer with the women's cancer support group at her church, studying for her real estate license and exceedingly grateful for the chance to continue raising Audrey and Addison. "No one was willing to touch my case except for [Houston] Methodist," she said. "My first memory after I woke up from surgery is my medical team looking at me and saying, 'You are a miracle.'"