Shoulder Exercise Program 

A proper exercise program can enhance an athlete's level of performance and can accelerate the body's recovery process. This shoulder exercise program is a simple series of exercises that prepares the body for overhead activities, including baseball, softball, tennis and swimming.


Incorporating this 15-minute program into your training session can help decrease the chance of injury and should be an essential component of every shoulder workout routine.


View demonstrations of each exercise in the following video or download shoulder exercises.


Standing Shoulder Exercise Series


Watch video – 25 reps*

  • Anterior shoulder raise
  • Lateral shoulder raise
  • Anterior shoulder raise at 45°
  • Suitcase lift

The above set of exercises should be performed in a continuous series.

Prone Shoulder Exercises


Supine Exercises



Standing Biceps Curls with Tubing


Prone Exercises Standing Option


Common Exercise Mistakes



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