Exercise Physiology

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Athletes of all levels make exceptional demands on their bodies. We understand how athletes’ bodies work and help individuals reach the next level of athletic performance.


Using advanced technology, our exercise physiologist measures optimal performance levels and body function during activity, then uses individual results to develop a tailored program that will enhance performance, maximize training benefits and monitor progress. 


We provide athletes with effective measuring tools and information to help them achieve optimal performance. Testing and services include:


  • Performance evaluation testing VO2 Max to determine capacity to perform sustained exercise
  • Lactate threshold to measure endurance performance and determine training intensity
  • Exercise economy to measure energy expenditure and calories burned during activity
  • Identification of individual heart rate training zones
  • Detailed report including test results, benchmark data and training intensity recommendations
  • Customized training program based on test results and personal goals
  • Group education and presentations on a variety of health, exercise, training, and performance topics


Weight Loss Services

Individual metabolisms differ. We use the resting metabolic rate test to measure metabolism and teach individuals how to readily burn fat. For anyone struggling to lose weight, we can help you understand calories needed at rest and develop an individualized plan to help you achieve weight loss goals. Testing and services include:


  • Scientific measurements for weight loss body fat analysis
  • Resting metabolic rate and metabolic testing to identify calories burned and determine calories needed at rest
  • Customized plan to effectively achieve weight loss goals, incorporating nutrition and exercise programs