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Sports Performance at Houston Methodist Willowbrook Hospital

Sports Performance services

Houston Methodist understands that all athletes are not the same. We know how athletes perform and how to prepare individuals and teams to maximize fitness, prepare for sport and competition, and to meet personal goals. We create unique and custom programs to prevent injury, eliminate physical and mental barriers and enhance overall performance.

Our sports performance services are designed for all ages and skill levels, from young competitors and youth teams to newly active adults and professional athletes. Our services include:
Our team is led by board certified physicians and accredited professionals. Sports performance at Houston Methodist Willowbrook is under the direction of Scott Rand, MD, primary care sports medicine, who is nationally recognized in sports medicine education. Our team of experts bring years of experience, working cohesively to assist athletes at all levels to prevent injuries, improve performance and overcome obstacles. Our specialists are athletes themselves and are able to provide valuable insight to the athletes and others who want to become healthier through activity.

“We have created a place that supports athletes at every level. There is so much more to athletic performance than bones and joints, yet most programs only focus on musculoskeletal injury," Rand said. "By bringing together experts who can help you metabolically, nutritionally and psychologically, we can become the one place that athletes define as the obvious choice for all their medical, orthopedic and performance needs."


Our program also provides overweight patients with insurance-mandated pre-surgery exercise testing and post-surgery analysis, building toward a health-promoting plan. The team works closely with our bariatric surgeons to help patients achieve sustained weight loss.

Patients and Clients

World-class athletes utilize our sports performance services to improve their activity and endurance for each season. We combine years of practical experience to provide athletes with an individually tailored program that enhances training and performance based on results and exercise science.

We provide everyday athletes with the same services provided to these elite athletes. Whether you plan to run your first marathon, compete in triathlons or need help losing weight, we use state-of-the-art technology and current exercise science research to develop a customized program specifically for you. 

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