Our Athletic Training Team

The athletic training staff at Houston Methodist helps everyone — from student athletes and everyday active adults to elite professionals — maintain peak performance while preventing injuries. They also dedicate countless hours every year to sideline and athletic training room coverage, as well as continuing education events, for hundreds of youth and high school teams across the community.


Our team has more than 95 full-time licensed athletic trainers across the system, serving more than 450 public and private schools, colleges and universities, as well as youth and adult sports leagues across southeast Texas. We are also the official provider to professional athletes and performing artists.


Our Team

Houston Methodist Hospital

Jace Duke, MBA, LAT, ATC
Scott Tidwell, LAT
Sarah Forbes, MAT, LAT, ATC
Amber Fragoso, M Ed, LAT, ATC
Carina Nasrallah, MS, LAT, ATC
Mayra Reed, MS, LAT, ATC
Dawn Stuckey, M Ed., LAT, ATC
Leanne Wonesh, MS, LAT, ATC
Chad Barrett, EdD, LAT, ATC
Ivan Burkett, LAT, ATC
Melissa Marek, M Ed, LAT, ATC
Anthony Pineda, MS, M Ed, LAT
Caitlyn Prescott, LAT, ATC

Houston Methodist Baytown Hospital

Jace Duke, MBA, LAT, ATC
Scott Tidwell, LAT
Kristen Dearsan, LAT, ATC
Bryanna Kemp, LAT
Terry King, LAT 

Ha Nguyen, MS, LAT, ATC
Lauryn Pope, MBA, LAT, ATC
Michael Pope, LAT, ATC
Sarah Stakes, LAT, ATC
Taylor Vanderwerff, LAT, ATC
Morgan Webb, LAT
Joshua Yonker, MS, LAT, ATC

Houston Methodist Clear Lake Hospital

Jace Duke, MBA, LAT, ATC
Jeff Collins, LAT
Kara Foster, LAT, ATC
Melissa Jack, DAT, LAT, ATC
Sage Mize,  MAT, LAT, ATC
Jessica Morales, MS, LAT, ATC
Delaney Osborne, MBA, LAT, ATC
Kristin Salinas, LAT, ATC
David Silva, LAT
D'Odric Sykes, LAT, ATC
Dana Tegeler, M ED, LAT, ATC
Jenna Tubbs, LAT, ATC
Jonathan Utsey, LAT, ATC

Houston Methodist Sugar Land Hospital

Chris Shaddock, LAT, ATC
Alyce Kessler, LAT, ATC
Ashley Hiatt, MS, LAT, ATC
Brandon Roberts, LAT, ATC
Courtney Scott, MAT, LAT, ATC
Dan Cook, MS, LAT, ATC
David Berrones, MAT, LAT, ATC
Hector Lopez, LAT, ATC
Ibayar Padilla, MAT, LAT, ATC
Jack Spillman, MAT, LAT, ATC
Jimmy Kendrick, LAT
Jordan Light, MS, LAT, ATC
Jordon Smith, LAT, ATC
Kendall Braunreiter, LAT, ATC
Meghan Shank, MAT, LAT, ATC
Nia LeBlanc, MAT, LAT, ATC
Phil Felton, LAT
Shelby Jacobs, MS, LAT, ATC
Gina Pace, LAT
Melissa Spriggs, MS, LAT, ATC
Rebecca Wechter, MS, LAT, ATC
Savannah Tracy, LAT, ATC
Kiana Leveston, MAT LAT, ATC
Nicole Valdecanes, LAT, ATC
Tavon Spears, LAT, ATC

Houston Methodist The Woodlands Hospital

Jace Duke, MBA, LAT, ATC

Scott Tidwell, LAT

Hope Parker, MA, LAT, ATC

Jordan Gonzales, MS, LAT, ATC

Hope Parker, MA, LAT, ATC

David Protasi, MS, LAT, ATC

Jordan Terrell, MS, LAT, ATC

Randall Dugas, MS, LAT

Christopher Greenleaf, PhD, LAT, ATC

Houston Methodist West Hospital

Jace Duke, MBA, LAT, ATC
Bene Barrera, LAT, ATC
Colleen Akin, LAT, ATC
Evelyn Cantu, LAT
Shannon Harms, MS, LAT, ATC, CES
Rudy Lazar, LAT
Brittany Loyd, MAT, LAT , ATC

Houston Methodist Willowbrook

Dwight Adsit, MBA, LAT, ATC
Keith Jahn, LAT
Miguel Camargo, MS, LAT, ATC
Eric Escalante, MS, LAT, ATC
Josselyn Hernandez, LAT, ATC
Jasalyn House, MS, LAT, ATC
Leslie Morris, LAT
Joseph Newman, LAT, ATC
Bradly Newton, LAT, ATC
Layne Orlando, MS, LAT, ATC
Lyric Owens, LAT, ATC
Chris Pflugrath, MS, LAT, ATC
Katie Rabideau, MAT, LAT, ATC
Lani Schwartz, MS, LAT, ATC
Michael Tank, LAT, ATC
Rochelle Abrams, LAT
Emogene Aceto, MHA, M Ed, LAT, ATC
Tila Aytch-Henderson, MS, LAT, ATC
Jessica Bates, MS, LAT, ATC
Samantha Biles, LAT
Anthony Branker, DC, LAT, ATC
Christina Cope, LAT
Susan Davis, MS, LAT, ATC
Paula Douglas, MED, LAT
Todd Matz, LAT, ATC
April Perez, MS, LAT, ATC
Natasha Platt, MED, LAT, ATC
Leslie Rivera, LAT
Kelly Buckholz Smallbeck, LAT, ATC

Houston Methodist Concussion Center

Deidre Duke