Dynamic Functional Warm-Up Exercises

A proper warmup can improve an athlete's level of performance and can accelerate the body's recovery process. This dynamic functional warmup is a simple series of exercises that prepares the entire body for upcoming physical activity.

Incorporating this quick 10-minute warmup into your training session can help decrease the chance of injury, and should be an essential component of every workout or competition. View demonstrations of each exercise in the following videos or download the exercises.



Dynamic Functional Warmup

Begin with a 50-yard warm-up jog


  1. High knees
  2. Butt kicks
  3. Carioca
  4. Back pedal
  5. "A" skip
  6. Lateral skip
  7. Lateral step
  8. Walking knee hug
  9. Walking quad stretch
  10. Lunge with rotation
  11. Groin stretch
  12. Hurdle walk
  13. RDL walk
  14. Walking figure – 4 stretch
  15. Soldier
  16. High knees
  17. Butt kicks
  18. Accelerate from 3 – point stance

Additional warm up videos, conditioning and rehabilitation exercises, and resources are available to help you prevent sports injuries.

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