Stress Management

Stress is a part of everyday life and we all feel it in some capacity from time to time. Managing that stress can be a challenge because it may be difficult to recognize and many do not know how to cope or manage their stress levels.

What stress is and how to cope

Stress is your body's reaction to change and is a natural response to everyday life. The reactions can be physical, mental and emotional. Stress can be positive or negative, and acute or chronic.

Power of positivity, setting goals and being present

When you wake up, start your day by making a gratitude list. Having a gratitude list will help improve your state of mind and set yourself up to begin your day on the right foot. Make your goals specific, realistic, timely and obtainable.

Stress management and your health

Coping with stress can be difficult or seemingly impossible leaving some people inclined to lean on comfort foods or stress eating. Establishing a healthier eating routine can help.