Employees Helping Employees


At some point, everyone needs a hand. Houston Methodist’s Employees Helping Employees program — a resource funded by employees for employees — offers co-workers a lifeline during times of crisis, providing financial assistance to those facing challenges beyond their control.

Whether it’s because of a storm, a house fire or an unforeseen personal crisis, employees have a resource they can turn to for some financial relief. You can help ensure this resource is available by contributing to Houston Methodist Hospital Foundation’s Employees Helping Employees giving campaign today through June 24.

Your #HMHolidayHero Gift



Your generosity today directly benefits the Houston Methodist Excellence Fund. As part of our commitment to bringing hope and comfort to our patients, Houston Methodist is providing a small holiday gift to every hospitalized patient within our system.


  • In honor of your employee donation of $25, we will provide a holiday gift to an inpatient.
  • In honor of your employee donation of $50 or more, we will provide a holiday gift to an inpatient and will send a gift to you.

Employees Helping Employees FAQ

What is the Employees Helping Employees (EHE) Fund?

It's a program through which employees can make contributions to support other co-workers facing hardships. Employees seeking help can apply for financial assistance of up to $1,000 during a time of crisis caused by an event beyond their control.

What is the difference between the EHE giving campaign and the United Way workplace campaign?

The EHE giving campaign, organized by the Houston Methodist Hospital Foundation, aims to raise funds specifically for Houston Methodist employees in need of financial assistance during crises beyond their control. In contrast, the United Way workplace campaign, managed by United Way of Greater Houston, raises funds to address broader community needs such as improving education, financial stability, and health in the Houston area.

How can I apply for financial assistance from the EHE fund myself?

You can apply for financial assistance from the EHE Fund by filling out and submitting this form.

How long does the application process take?

The application itself takes only a few minutes to complete. Responses to applications will be sent to your preferred email address within five business days. You can expect to receive the Employees Helping Employees financial grant funds within seven to 10 business days, if approved.

Are all employees eligible to apply?

Those seeking assistance for damage caused to a rental property, or property belonging to a friend/family member will not be eligible. Funds must benefit Houston Methodist employee directly.

If I am eligible for assistance, do I need to pay it back?

No, if you receive a grant through EHE, need input from HR. Also, is the money taxable?

Who should I contact to see if I am eligible to receive EHE funds?

You can contact the Houston Methodist’s HR department at XXX.XXX.XXXX or XXX@houstonmethodist.org need HR input


How will I receive my pin if I give to the campaign?

If you contribute by making a payroll deduction or a gift of $30 or more, you will receive a 2024 Employees Helping Employees pin in the mail by August. 

Can I designate my EHE gift to a specific Houston Methodist hospital?

Contributions made to the EHE fund benefit Houston Methodist employees system-wide. Gifts cannot be designated to a specific hospital.

Does the EHE fund offer financial support to the families of Houston Methodist employees in the event of their passing?

The EHE program does not extend to employee family members in case of their passing. However, our employees receive a compassion benefit of $10,000, payable to a designated person or the employee's estate. Additionally, employees working at least 20 hours a week automatically have basic life insurance coverage equivalent to one time their annual salary. For more details on benefits available to deceased employees' families, log into MARS and navigate to Total Rewards.

Is my gift to EHE tax deductible?

Houston Methodist Hospital Foundation is a tax-exempt 501(c)(3) organization, and all gifts are tax-deductible to the fullest extent of the law.

How much should I give?

Choosing to make a gift is completely voluntary and how much you give is based on your own comfort level. Any contribution, no matter the amount, is appreciated.

How can I make my gift through payroll deduction?

You can find instructions on payroll deduction here

May I make my gift over the phone?

Yes. Please call 832.667.5816 or email The Houston Methodist Hospital Foundation at donor@houstonmethodist.org. Someone from the foundation will be happy to assist with the transmittal of your donation. However, there’s really no need to make a payment over the phone — making a gift online via the foundation’s portal is secure.  

May I send a check?

While online donations are preferred, you may mail a check payable to Houston Methodist Hospital Foundation at:

PO Box 4384 Houston, TX 77210-4384

Please write EHE2024 on the memo line.

What is the Houston Methodist Hospital Foundation?

The Houston Methodist Hospital Foundation was established to ensure that Houston Methodist has the support needed to achieve its vision for excellence in research, education and patient care. The foundation helps Houston Methodist accomplish its institutional priorities through fundraising, gift management and stewardship. 

The foundation is turning its sights inward to help raise money for the EHE fund.

Who do I contact for additional questions?

You can contact the Houston Methodist Hospital Foundation at 832.667.5816 or donor@houstonmethodist.org.