Treatment & Procedures

The mission at Houston Methodist is to provide comprehensive women's health care while focusing on quality, integrity and high ethical standards. Our team includes some of the nation's leading physicians in their field, who are known for providing cutting-edge treatments with individualized patient care.

Our commitment is to provide Leading Medicine, which is visible in the overall excellence of our hospital services, integration of advanced technology and outstanding patient satisfaction.
We offer many procedures and treatment options in the area of pelvic health at Houston Methodist:

Houston Methodist combines the expertise of urogynecologists — specialty physicians trained in the areas of urology and gynecology — as well as traditional gynecologists and colorectal surgeons to provide the most advanced care available for women and men with problems related to the lower urinary tract and the pelvic floor. The Center for Restorative Pelvic Medicine at Houston Methodist Hospital is the first of its kind in the Greater Houston area and is one of the few centers in the country that offers a single-center location for the diagnosis and treatment of complex pelvic-floor disorders.


Our physicians at Houston Methodist specialize in managing pelvic health disorders at the following convenient locations: