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Project Lead:
Michael Borkert


For questions or inquiries, please email the Digital Solutions mailbox.

The Digital Solutions Core supports the Houston Methodist Academic Institute by providing a web presence for their projects and programs. Digital Solutions offers a range of services that can be tailored to a team’s needs, from turn-key websites, to occasional updates, to Do-It-Yourself training for support staff.


Examples of the types of projects produced by the Digital Solutions Core include:

  • Turn-key ancillary websites that promote programs involving multi-institutional collaboration and multi-organizational branding, hosted on a third-party platform
  • Lab websites which allows faculty to promote research conducted in their lab
  • Evergreen websites that enable clients to establish and maintain an online presence for recurring annual events, hosted on a third-party platform
  • Customized Clinical Trial Directory pages featuring upgrades (such as images and videos), hosted on
  • Expand existing presence with extra pages that offer more complex information in greater detail
  • Intranet updates pertinent to relevant Academic Institute pages


Customized maintenance plans are available for teams that need help managing web pages without a dedicated resource.


Package Options

These options are available for websites to support and empower Academic Institute internal teams: 

  1. Simplest solution (Do-It-Yourself): Client creates and supplies text and graphics and fills in a WordPress template that automatically populates the web pages
  2. Mid-range solution: Client provides only text and images which the Digital Solutions team uses to build the website
  3. Full-service solution: Employs the expertise of the Digital Solutions team to fully create text and graphics to build the website


Sample Sites

Below are a few examples of ancillary and event turn-key websites created by Digital Solutions:


18th Annual International Ataxia-Telangiectasia Workshop

Bricker Award for Science Writing in Medicine

Center for Health and Nature

Center for Rapid Device Translation

To request Digital Solutions services, submit a HelpDesk ticket. For questions or inquiries, please email the Digital Solutions mailbox.