Orthopedic Rehabilitation

Houston Methodist’s team of sports medicine specialists provide the most comprehensive rehabilitation services for athletes recovering from sports-related injuries. With state-of-the-art technologies and facilities, we will get you moving and back to optimal performance.


Our rehabilitation therapists coordinate with orthopedic experts who specialize in hand and wrist, shoulder, foot and ankle, hip, knee, neck and spine, and joint reconstruction for your quick return to peak performance.


Sports Rehabilitation Services

Houston Methodist rehabilitation centers are staffed with highly skilled therapists ready to provide you with the most effective treatment tailored to your type of injury.


  • Physical therapy  will help relieve your pain and help you regain strength.
    • Occupational therapy  will aid in your recovery after complex elbow, wrist and hand injuries.
    • Aquatic therapy  is a form of low-impact rehabilitation that helps you regain strength, flexibility, endurance and mobility.
    • Pediatric physical therapy  is designed specifically with the needs of children in mind.
  • BIG and LOUD speech and physical therapy courses are now available for patients with Parkinson’s disease.
  • Neurological occupational and physical rehabilitation  improves strength, endurance, flexibility, motor control and stability to support your return to normal functional activities.


Our sports rehabilitation therapists provide individualized services so you can safely and confidently return to your sport of choice with the necessary tools to prevent future injury. 


Ready to get back to peak performance? Call us at 713.790.3333 to discuss your options.