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Hip pain affects every part of your life. When arthritis and other degenerative conditions destroy the cartilage around your hip joint, there comes a point when nonsurgical treatment no longer provides relief or improvement. If you have trouble walking, stiffness and pain that will not go away, hip replacement can help get and keep you moving.


At Houston Methodist Orthopedics & Sports Medicine, our orthopedic surgeons have pioneered surgical methods that spare muscle, reduce pain after surgery and often allow patients to leave the hospital often in one day. Some of our program highlights include:


  • Anterior hip replacement, which saves more of your muscle tissue, speeding your recovery and return to normal movement
  • Less invasive options for hip preservation and restoration 
  • For overnight stays, many patients are typically up walking and back home the often in one day
  • A full-time joint coordinator who will lead you through pre-operative education, so you will know how best to prepare before, during and after surgery


Our team includes some of the most experienced joint surgeons in Houston, providing advanced treatment at the highest nationally ranked hospital in Texas and the Gulf Coast for orthopedics. With the latest technologies, our joint experts use the very latest techniques for hip replacement with the goal of getting you back to living without pain.


Ready to take the first step toward ending your hip pain? We’re here to help. Call us at 713.790.3333 to discuss hip replacement options.


Types of Hip Replacement 

Total Hip Replacement

Total hip replacement removes both the damaged ball of the hip joint as well as the diseased cartilage from the hip socket, which are then replaced with a metal ball and plastic socket. The painful joint is replaced with a smooth surface that moves with ease and without pain. 


The hip surgeons at Houston Methodist can perform minimally invasive total hip replacement for healthy patients. These techniques allow patients go home often in one day and experience faster recovery time.

Partial Hip Replacement

With partial hip replacement, our orthopedic surgeons remove diseased bone, tissue and cartilage from the hip joint. Next, they resurface the bones and replace with new parts to create that smooth surface, restoring fluid motion to the joint and eliminating pain. This sophisticated technique saves muscle, minimizes blood loss, and gets you back to pain-free living faster.

Anterior Hip Replacement

Houston Methodist is one of the few orthopedic surgery centers in Houston to provide anterior hip replacement, an alternative approach allowing surgeons to access the hip joint through a small incision at the front of the joint. Your surgeon moves muscle and ligament and works around them without a traditional large incision. As a result, patients have less internal scarring and a much faster recovery time and return to normal daily activities.

Hip Revision Surgery

Artificial hip joints don’t last forever and, often, the joint will show signs of wear and tear or failure after 15 years or so. Our surgeons can perform hip revision surgery to repair the prosthetic hip after damage due to daily use, repetitive dislocation or infection. In the case of infection, antibiotics are sometimes added intravenously or to the cement in the joint revision. 

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